Friday, May 14, 2010

My life!

Beautiful Eyes
Honest and truthful
Only for me
Best friends
shares, cares
Smiles beautifully



Pakistan Story 94

Atta gave me 20 rupees

Hot days in peshawar degree college

5th grade, top floor, fans on the cieling, the empty play structures, the balcony, windows...

scorching sun and the bell rang for lunch break, the kids ran towards the canteen and offcourse there were no lines, just a big crowd but i still managed to get a burger for

8 Rs. and Fanta for 8 Rs.

It was a great feeling, i felt on top of the world.

Al Ain story 05

i forgot all about fanta. Canada, States and Syria never had fanta the way pakistan had. Then i went to Alain to see atta ama and we were invited to Uncle S Z house. We talked about Kabhi khushi kabhi gham. We talked about how i was when i was a toddler. Its so good to talk to people that care for you. The food was great and guess what they had, FANTA from Pakistan!! In stylish bottle but the same taste!


I was in an eat indian store and i saw an old dirty cooler fridge. Through the dirty glass i saw something orange looked so familiar. It was the old style bottle of fanta...

and i had some.

and i still do sometimes....Memories make me happy!

Darkness falls....

Sadness, depression, helplessness are felt throughout the world.
It is so easy to fall victim to these and drown in a vast Dark Space.
But it as easy to get out...
Have Faith....
look around ....
see the pain around
and your problems look so silly...

My way is to believe and then talk to myself....i know its crazy but i need to hear myself say that happiness lies within you and with people you love...

Forgiveness and patience are the qualities that will make you move forward.