Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Last time I felt I was on vacation was in 99' when I went to Istanbul with my family, atta AMA and Bilal. I didn't hear calm beach sounds or rustling leaves, calm waves ob the shore or tasted a nice mango smoothie.
I heard bustling on a architecturally superb Istaqlal St. I saw beautiful iron, stone structures surrounded by emerald sapphire water. I smelled warm chocolate and hazelnut and sometimes meat broth.
I laid on grass in the Gardens of the topkopi palace and I prayed in the blue mosque. I rode and fought my brother in a boat. I saw the music video of Tarkans new song. I drove through heavens of the earth.(I will right every part in detail, don't worry). I guess more an adventurer than just a vacationer.

Wondrous land of turki,
In Time so little,
I absorbed your beauty and charm,
With rich culture of hope and peace

I travelled throu iskandria,
High in the mountains through medieval
To present,
And the emerging borjous

I humbly cherish you as I learned from you the history of merging palettes.
I pray that you remain strong in the face of change.
As your beauty was most prominent then and hope that it remains so.