Monday, May 9, 2011

Lahore after fajr!

Clear cool sky
light breeze with sun lurking behind
running tracks
mango trees
big circles, walked twice
whistling sparrows
glistenign grass
bicycles buzzing
shops opening
tea simmering
In my mamoos case milkshake shaking
blue tracksuits
feel of a good start

tears drop down when i remember
the sounds of night turning to light
it will never be the same to be hugged like that,
to be loved unconditionally.
Once in a while i am back there in my dreams
the time of my young life
with the people who made everything whole.
the time where world was contained at the footsteps of  572-R and chaunee
no one can express how i feel
they havent seen in my heart
the love i have
the respect i bestow
the prayers i say
thank you for my world
I learned to love like you.

dedicated to my nano,
my nana jaan
my baba jaan.