Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Roasted Pine nuts!

Powdered Pink

yes the color of cheeks,
cotton candy
and minty mints.

and creme fresh

dewey drops
falling down
petals swish
breaking down

changing shades
passing over
powder pink
to raging grey.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Pilot Vs. Teacher

Teacher meetings, PD sessions can be seen as a debreifing before i go on a mission.
Teacher mentors, Principles, teachers, students all of them help me to menouver my teaching plane through highs and lows of winds.
Every pilot/teacher is an engineer and the resource teacher EAs are the friend for life that help me take off land without a hitch.
When all the plans goes out of the window and my feet struck on the ground in the mud and i realize i survvied the day :)
Mission 1 2 3
Unit plans, integration of lessons, activation, assessment.
Content Pilot:
I am home after my flights to my family(Beel) as you came back to mama bilal and me.

I love you atta!! See i became a pilot just like you. :)