Monday, August 29, 2011

Chaand Raat

Once a dusky evening, where sun set closer than horizan
pale yellow turning to blue to black
Red mosque, Azan to break our fast
white lace prayer caps, white kurtas
kneeling and thanking

so long ago,faded nostalgia
smell of crisp pakora's, colour of fruits in a bowl
frozen geometric ice cream in a green fridge
butter cardimum, ivory milk, lean and smooth

excited voices, climbing steps
rooftop through a metallic attic
focused eyes, only breathing sounds....
watching, looking and they i heard
chaand, Eid Mubarek
Eid Mubarek

and then dribbles down
motorcycles racing
couples rejoicing, colored bazares
sleepless happy nights

sweaty palms, smell of earthy hena
a duck pattern, they said
that turned into a fish ;)

mum ironing, nano sowing
mumani jaan in the kitchen
mamus dancing with nana jaan
atta coming through the door

a late trip to chaunee and defence
hungama and hide and seek
girly talks and nintendo attari
stealing candy, screaming exits

humble hugs of joy
prayers and warm gestures of love
together happy

today yet again another eid
same happiness
different reasons

What is Eid to you....share with everyone!