Thursday, September 23, 2010

In Love.

I know i shouldn't be materialistic in this day in this world right now. As we all want a sustainable planet.
However i love my phone.
I love the person who got me it, like very much.
I have everything on it. Books, websites, camera, everything.
I wanted to be organized and i am because of my gift =)
It helps me be me!


I heard about a war soldier, who wrote a book.
His story inspired so many people.

I heard about teachers teaching in worn torn areas, just so they can make the children's life better.

I hear everyday about people, who are there helping people in need with no home and no food.

Why do inspirational stories happen so far away?
Why do you hear that a child of that man did amazing things?

Its because i forgot to look close around me.
inspiration is standing up for unfairness.
inspiration is to be fair.
Inspiration is to make people love themselves enough to live their life to the fullest.
Inspiration is to hold somebody's hand to help them cross the road and not let them go.
Inspiration is to introduce somebody to books,
to life's beauty,
God's blessings.
Inspiration is to be better everyday, to emerge as a good person.

live and let live.

Let somebody be your inspiration and be somebody else's.