Saturday, March 26, 2011


The most delicious veggie dish I make. Recipe coming up.

- by MKH

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Turkish-Syrian Border

My atta was getting sick when we started off for turkey. Being a growing kid I know that I felt worried for him. On the other hand he had as much fun as he could. I love his spirit and love my mom for taking care of him.

Nobody knows this about me but I love to travel at night, in cars, buses, planes and trains. Reason being that nobody can see me looking outside in the sky or moving land and talking to myself. I started doing that when I was little. We have had a lot of trips and my precious memories to my self. I was a child with Fairytale/motivational fantasies and that time was my time to think about them.
Looking at the stars
Looking at the moon
Finding the milky way every time until the dark of pollution started to cover them.
That trip was full of night time travel and I loved every bit of it. It's a great feeling to be safe with your parents and feel completely independent. We reached the Turkish border at Fajr time. Atta woke up and asked me if I wanted to come and see the visa entry process. The moment I got out of the bus, the cool fresh air hit me. A little hint of Kalaam and a lot of Switzerland(yes I haven't been there but you just know, that certain place will smell this way.) when we came out, there was less dark in the sky. Atta and I came on the bus. Atta went to sleep but I couldn't. I was very excited. I saw the sky getting lighter and lighter and the grassy hills getting wider and wider. There were little huts with sheep grazing on the side (European sheep, big and fluffy). Some people laying on grass. Some huts had chimneys and smoke was swaying in the morning sun.

Dreams were colorless before this sight,
I wish I see it twice, and walk on those untamed lands
Beauty of simplistic life touched me through the window glass.
The dwindling road, the clear skies.
A beautiful morning to walk for miles
I ll see it again and surrender myself in time
This time To use all senses, to be in heavens on earth.

- by MKH

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rain-Winnipeg Summer

Warm breeze turns to cool breathing from the north,
Sun is covered with Hijab of grey blue
The green embroidery on the edge,
Dancing bangles and jingles
Drop drip
Then the thunder, the lightening, pure power beyond ours...
I love this rain in day and at night....
I love the dark at noon

- by MKH