Saturday, January 22, 2011

Turkey-Beginning of the Journey

It was 9:00 o clock and we reached the flying coach station in Dimishq(damascus). This trip was one of the firsts of my childhood wishes coming true.
When I was 4, every night I will pray that I get a baby brother.

"ya Allah, mujhe pyara se gora chit bhai de amen"
Once he was born on august 2nd 89 Mashallah, I asked my nano what do I ask from God now?
She said to pray that you get to see turkey and I did.

Back in 97 going towards the bus station I though of my nano, my turkey images and funnily what kind of food I would get to try.

We sat in front. And started our journey at 10 pm. Syria is beautiful city and night the true dark, charismatic and mysterious character shines of the desert sand.

I have travelled by road a lot. And my favorite travels have Been at night because I can look outside. I loved watching the moon and the stars and loved thinking and knowing no one knows of what I am thinking. The assistant to the driver kept putting on the new tartan song "simrik" and he also kept repeating Indian movie dialogue. Bilal has fond memories :)

To be continued....

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Everything that glitters can be diamonds.

Soft sand and gushing water,
The shore wide and vast.
I step on beads of lights,
Shadows lurking behind.
I see the beautiful stones hidden
In the earth, waves spreading
I need to find them all
I know they are my diamonds
Scattered, I may loose them
I see them in my dreams
One at a time I pick
Polish and wish
That you take me where i dream,
To be.