Monday, October 11, 2010

Pilot Vs. Teacher

Teacher meetings, PD sessions can be seen as a debreifing before i go on a mission.
Teacher mentors, Principles, teachers, students all of them help me to menouver my teaching plane through highs and lows of winds.
Every pilot/teacher is an engineer and the resource teacher EAs are the friend for life that help me take off land without a hitch.
When all the plans goes out of the window and my feet struck on the ground in the mud and i realize i survvied the day :)
Mission 1 2 3
Unit plans, integration of lessons, activation, assessment.
Content Pilot:
I am home after my flights to my family(Beel) as you came back to mama bilal and me.

I love you atta!! See i became a pilot just like you. :)

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